Everything Can Be So Much Easier With A Good Guide

and I can be that guide for you

"It looks so simple, why don't other teachers and institutes teach like this?"

I would love to give you a good answer. I had an experience at a university in Colombia where there was pressure from the dean to advance students as fast as possible as proof to parents that students reached a high level of English upon graduation.

I had an advanced class at the university in Colombia where I taught. Listen to this. I only had 1 student out of 8 who could carry on a conversation for more than 30 seconds. The others should have been in the first level!

And as for the institutes, in my experience, money takes precedence over quality.

So, a question for you...

If you found a methodology that gave you enough time to stick the new vocabulary in your head like I described in key # 1 and that methodology would let you use your Spanish to learn faster as I described in key # 2, and this methodology would teach you how we actually pronounce like I described in key # 3 so you can speak and listen at a native-like level, 

do you think you could reach fluency in faster?

So are you excited about what I talked about?

Do you feel overwhelmed because I talked about so many new things?

If not, I'm glad. If you feel like you have been hit in the head with a hammer, I understand. It is a new way of learning.

And if you give me a little bit of your time, I'd like to show you my intermediate stories. Is that okay?


**They're coming soon**

My fluency stories with audio por Spanish speakers like you that are learning English

My intermediate stories are for Spanish speakers like you who are learning English, and focused on improving their speaking, listening and pronunciation in English so that they can get the life of their dreams as fast as possible.

It doesn't focus on grammar or giving you vocabulary lists. If you are looking for that, you can find it in thousands of other courses.

My stories focus on giving you the ability to communicate in English.

The stories include:

  1. 1
    More than 60 stories designed to get you to an intermediate level
  2. 2
    The ability to understand native speakers without problems
  3. 3
    Formal and informal English vocabulary 
  4. 4
    Exercises to give you a neutral accent that native speakers will understand
  5. 5
    A better understanding of the Gringa culture so that you can avoid uncomfortable situations

What My Students Say About My Methodology

Hola soy Adriana y me encanta el método del Profe Kyle, me ayudó a tener una promoción en mi trabajo gracias a su método divertido y muy práctico. El profe resuelve todas tus dudas y además te ayuda mucho con la pronunciación para que puedas hablar como gringo.

- Accountant, Mexico City

With Profe Kyle I've improved my English pronunciation to a level that not even me could imagine in my life. Now I can talk with American people better than ever.

- Quality control manager, Ciudad Juarez

Una grata experiencia haber encontrado este curso y obviamente a este excelente profesor con una metodología tan distinta y sin lugar a dudas mucho más divertida. Impresionante la manera en que fui evolucionando con el idioma ! Gracias Kyle ! Gracias a ti el inglés dejó de ser un imposible

- Architect, Santiago

Do these stories/classes prepare me for the TOEFL or IELTS?

To take the IELTS or TOEFL, you need a high level of English. My stories will give you a higher level of English.

Are my stories designed to teach you everything about the exam?

No. They are stories that focus on advancing your communication skills. If you want to achieve fluency, they will help you with that.

What You Get in Each Story

  • Each story contains between 350-450 words (enough to not overwhelm you nor bore you)
  • Versions of each story in 2 other tenses o from 2 other perspectives so that you learn the grammar in a natural way (repetitions)
  • Audio for each story to improve your listening and pronunciation
  • Conversation simulator so that you can practice your speaking whenever and wherever you want
  • Choral practice to help reduce your accent and give you one that native speakers will LOVE!
  • Biographies of the famous characters in the stories to connect you with my culture

How Much Does It Cost?

Lo que pagué para algo parecido para el ruso

I bought something similar to my stories from one of my favorite polyglots. It cost $197 and I am very happy with the quality. 

At the same time, I know that my stories contain double the amount of content and have personal support from me through my private WhatsApp group.

Based on the price of that course, my stories would be worth $397usd.

I don't want to charge you that much. For now, on the day of this video shooting, I'm only going to charge you $59 for all of these stories.

Will this price be the same in 3 months?

I don’t know.

The first version of my beginner course cost $49usd. 2 years later it costs $147usd.

And if you want more work and feedback from me, no problem. For just $9usd per month, you can join my private group of intermediate students.

What happens in the WhatsApp group?

In the WhatsApp group you can send me your choral practice voice notes to receive feedback from me. I will also create writing tasks and you will send me your tasks in the WhatsApp group to receive feedback.

In general, you get feedback there and we can gossip.

Why is it separate?

I have been teaching for 5 years. Many times someone buys the materials or a course and then they do nothing. Instead of taking advantage of the group and my feedback, they spend most of the time denigrating themselves and making promises that they will take learning English seriously soon ... and it never happens.

If you pay for this per month, you will no longer procrastinate, you will only do. And that is what I want. I want you to do!

They're coming soon...

The stories are written, but now they need to be converted into beautiful documents with high quality audio that you will be proud to use to study with. I hope to have them done in fall of 2020

Do you want to push me to finish them faster?

Send me a Whatsapp message to +573003354423 so that I can put you on my exclusive waiting list.

You don't care. You want classes!

No problem.

I have my intermediate group classes. 

You have 2 Options With the Group Classes

8 Classes/Month

  • 2 classes per week
  • 90 minute classes
  • Max 9 students per class
  • Recordings of all the classes

$ 69.99usd

16 Classes/Month

  • 4 classes per week
  • 90 minute classes
  • Max 9 students per class
  • Recordings of all the classes

$ 119.99usd

*Save $20usd

Class Schedule

Monday to Thursday

7:30 o 9pm Miami/New York time (EST)

How to Access the Classes


Take the Quick Test

If you're reading this page, more than likely you have already done the short test of 40 questions. If you haven't done it, you can do it here.


Send me a Whatsapp

Spots in the classes are limited and I need to make sure that the classes will suit you well. For that reason, I need you to send me a voice note to my Whatsapp (+573003354423) speaking in English for 1-2 minutes.


Waiting List

If I think that the classes will suit you, I will put you on my waiting list. At the end of the month, I will contact you to tell you if I have an available spot or not (classes begin at the start of every month).

What do my students say about the classes

Pienso que lo mejor del curso es la forma tan agradable del Profe Kyle de enseñar, sentirás que un amigo te está ayudando a aprender. Te dará tips que solo los hablantes nativos conocen y el pronunciamiento correcto de las palabras, además de la confianza que necesitas para hablar inglés.

- Student, Panama City

Yo soy una de las estudiantes del profe Kyle y soy muy timida al poder expresarme , pues mi pronunciación me avergonzaba , pero el profe me a dado la confianza y me a enseñado a mejorar mi pronunciación, mi vocabulario y a vencer la timidez, gracias a eso e podido interactuar mas con amigos que solo hablan inglés, recomiendo totalmente el curso y los resultados son sorprendentes.

- Cashier, San Franciso

Profe, sus clases me parecen muy buen metodo ya que es de una manera muy natural de aprender, ya que estudia gramatica pero al mismo tiempo lo practica mientas se habla, y ayuda a hacer que pierda uno el miedo de hablarlo y dar mas confieza cuando nos dice que vamos mejorando y es bueno que usted lo note. Saludos, espero poder regresar pronto a sus clases.

- Engineer, México

Types of Classes

My teachers and I  use different types of classes to reach the goal of advancing your English to an advanced level.

Story Translation

You translate a story of mine from English to Spanish to reveal gaps in your vocabulary. After that, there is a fun competition.

Develops: vocabulary, grammar

Extreme Pronunciation

This will be the most extreme kind of pronunciation class you will ever experience. We focus on sounds, tumbao and intonation.

Develops: pronunciation, listening


Something interesting about Latino culture is that many Latinos don't learn their language and culture through books like I did, they learn from music.

It makes sense to me if we teach you English the same way you learned Spanish. So I created these music lessons that, apart from improving your listening, vocabulary and pronunciation, give you more cultural knowledge and motivation.

Develops: vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, cultural knowledge


In these clases, we take a scene from a famous movie or tv show and use it to teach new vocabulary, work on listening to authentic English, and increase our knowledge of the Gringo culture.

Develops: listening, vocabulary, cultural knowledge

Let's Compare!

For 1 month of classes at the best institute to learn English in Canada you would be paying about $2,900 US dollars.

Sure you would have a lot more classes, but as you can see, that's a very high cost.

What's the difference between pre-intermediate and intermediate?

My simplest explanation is that a pre-intermediate is an intermediate that does not have the confidence to speak and does not have a very large vocabulary.

As for my classes, the pre-intermediates focus more on speaking, less on pronunciation, write less and receive more repetitions of the most important vocabulary. While the intermediates on the other hand focus more on idioms, pronunciation and writing.


  • Don't write a lot

  • Less pronunciation
  • More repetitions
  • Simple vocabulary


  • More writing
  • More pronunciation
  • Less repetitions
  • Advanced vocabulary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If you're like others in the past who have decided to take advantage of my services, you probably have questions.

Let me respond to some of the most frequently asked for you.

How can I pay?

I'm busy with my work/family/studies, what should I do?

I'm old, can I learn?

No tengo confianza cuando hablo, ¿por qué?

My son/daughter can do them?

¿Cuánto dura el curso?

How many students are in each class?

What happens if I miss a class?


But why try systems that will leave you frustrated and lost?

Better to use a proven system used by learners like you, from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and all of Latin America to reach fluency, right?

If my stories or classes only fulfill a part of what I told you, they will pay for themselves as soon as you get the job with that salary you deserve.

Do not get left behind as one of the few global citizens that doesn’t take advantage of the professional benefits of learning English. Learn now and take advantage of the career opportunities that English offers you.

Learn English with Us!

8 Classes/Month

  • 2 classes per week
  • 90 minute classes
  • Max 9 students per class
  • Recordings of all the classes

$ 69.99usd

16 Classes/Month

  • 4 classes per week
  • 90 minute classes
  • Max 9 students per class
  • Recordings of all the classes

$ 119.99usd

*Save $20usd

I hope you have learned a lot with me during this training. If you have questions or ar interested in the classes or stories, don't hesitate to send me a Whatsapp message.

My number is +573003354423

Thanks for sticking with me till the end,

Profe Kyle

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