Profe Kyle’s English Group Classes For Latino Learners

Have you tried learning English at an institute and been bored to death?

Have you been learning by yourself and would like to begin learning in a friendly group environment?

If you said yes to one of those questions, I have a solution.

Why don’t we make classes less boring, less crowded, and more conducive to learning.

That is what I’ve done in designing these classes with you in mind. After years of taking language classes and teaching language classes, I realized a few common errors that make learning languages hard.

  1. There are too many students in the classes.
  2. The teachers don’t connect the language to your culture.
  3. The emphasis is on learning grammar rules rather than giving you confidence to speak.

In order to create some of the funnest, most didactic, confidence building classes, I’ve changed a few things.

Classes Are Small

Could I teach 15-20 students? I could, but it’s a nightmare for me, and you are not going to get the attention you deserve.

So, in order that you learn English quickly, I’ve limited classes to 8 students. That’s the maximum. There will likely be times where there are less han 8 students. That means even more attention for you. More attention means more practice. More practice means that you learn English faster.

Concepts And Material Is Adapted To The Latino Culture

Most English classes and teachers teach generic material that makes you fall asleep. There are a few reasons for this. First, the students come from different parts of the world, so teachers use generic material in order to not to exclude students. Second, many teachers are too lazy or overworked to create materials that there students will connect with.

Students will ask me, “Profe, why do you only teach latinos?”

The answer is simple, so that I connect with my students. I speak Spanish, I have lived in Latin America, and I know enough about Latino culture to create classes that you will love.

Not only that, but I don’t need to waste 10 minutes of your time trying to explain a difficult word or concept. I just explain it in Spanish, and we move on. Instead of 10 minutes wasted on learning something unimportant, I spend 30 seconds. The more material we can cover, the more you will learn.

Emphasis Is On Building Confidence Through Speaking And Listening

Most English institutes focus on one thing in their classes. Grammar, grammar, and more grammar.

How effective has this been for you?

If you are like the hundreds of other students I have talked to, it has not been effective. Not only has it not been effective, but you have zero confidence when you speak, and you cannot understand a gringo when he/she speaks.

The reality is, few people in this world have ever learned languages through grammar. You can take yourself as an example. Did you learn Spanish through grammar? No. You learned Spanish through listening, speaking, and reading. Grammar for most people comes naturally through exposure to a language.

Now you are going to ask me if I cover grammar in my classes. Of course I do. I teach adults, and most adults can understand languages better through some exposure to grammar. The difference though between how I teach grammar and how other teachers teach grammar is that it is not the focus. The focus is on what you want to be able to do most, speak English and be able to understand it.

How Do The Classes Work?

As you have already guessed, I teach my English group classes online. Teaching online allows me attract some of the best English students in the world. These are students who are serious about learning English and are not in the class because their Mom or boss said they had to go. This creates a positive learning environments.

Now, you may have already tried other online group classes through other online institutes and not been impressed. I’ve actually taught English on some of these platforms and I’ve been just as unimpressed as you.

A few of the things I do to make your classes more enjoyable:

  • I use the Zoom meeting platform so that all students are able to see me and the other student. This makes learning pronunciation easier, and the classes more entertaining.
  • Zoom allows me to break the students into groups, allowing you more time to practice speaking.
  • Zoom allows me to share my screen so I can show you authentic English material.
  • I’m able to share videos and movies that all students can watch at the same time.

What do you need to use Zoom? All you need is the download link sent by me, a good internet connection, and audio and microphone.

How Often Are The English Group Classes?

As of right now, classes are everyday except for Sundays. However, there are not 6 different classes, only 3. Check the calendar if you are confused by this.

As I create more classes, there will come a point where there is 6 different classes every week.

What Time Are The Classes?

Classes are from 5-7pm MST. That’s 6-8pm for students in México, 7-9pm for students in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, 8-10pm for students in Venezuela and Dominican Republic, 10pm-12am for students in Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.

There are only 2 classes during this time frame. The 1st hour is for pre-intermediates. The 2nd hour is for intermediates.

How Much Do The Classes Cost?

Classes cost $10 each. Compared to the $20-$50 per hour you would have to pay a private teacher, you are keeping a lot of money in your pocket. Learning English shouldn’t make you poor.

Paying every time you book a class can be tiring, so if you prefer to pay for 1 month or 3 month packet, you can.

How Do I Pay?

Payment can be done with credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

Where Do I Book My Classes?

I use a booking calendar which allows you to view all the classes available and book online. The calendar can be viewed here.

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