Do You Need Special 1-on-1
Attention From Me?

Book a private class that fits your needs.

  • all private classes are 1 hour (60 minutes) long

  • the virtual meeting application Zoom is used for all classes

  • all classes can be recorded for future reference

  • class materials provided for everything that is reviewed over in class

  • Accent reduction
  • Storyasking
  • writing
  • communication Mastery
  • Conversation
  • Interview prep
  • Personalized

Accent Reduction
(All Levels)

$15 USD

Private lesson focused on accent reduction in order to improve economic and social opportunities with native English speakers. Together we will go over the English sounds which do not exist in your language. Then we will use a text which we will read together in order to raise awareness of pronunciation problems and fix them on the spot. During the reading you will also learn about the ways in which native speakers speak English quickly.

By learning how to pronounce well, you will also improve your listening. Why? If you know how to speak like a native English speaker, you will better know what they are saying. 

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