One of the Best Audio Courses For English Language Learners

So you want to learn English?

Well, you have a few options.

Option 1: Spend a couple thousand dollars on going to a private institute to learn the basics of English.

Option 2: Try teaching yourself and doing everything for free. People usually spend a year confused and then eventually give up

Option 3: Invest some time and money to teach yourself the right way, without spending thousands of dollars, and not spending a year confused and lost.

I am not sure about you, but I like option number 3, and it’s the one I have used in the past to learn Spanish, and what I’m using now to learn Russian.

Is Learning the Basics Hard?

You might think that the beginning of learning a language is the hardest part. You would be wrong. It is actually one of the shortest phases of language learning to get through.

And if you want to know which stage takes the longest, it’s going from intermediate to fluent. I have been in this stage for 4 years with my Spanish.

One resource I found estimates that with intensive studying, you can learn the basics of most languages in 100 hours. That’s not a lot.

How to Learn the Basics Quickly

Unfortunately for many people, they don’t know how to properly study the basics of a language. Most make the fatal mistake of focusing way too much time on grammar, and not enough time on learning the basic vocabulary and pronunciation of the language.

Luckily for you, you read Profe Kyle’s blog posts and you are not like most people.

You probably want to know how to learn the right way, right?

Well, you already have one resource which is available through this website. You can go and download the Anki flashcards I created for beginners. Learn the 625 words in the decks, and you will know 50% of the written and spoken English used in everyday life.

Anki is free, and a great resource, but one thing it can’t do is introduce you to real-life conversations. This is where Rocket Languages can help you learn English much more quickly.

You see, Rocket Languages has real English conversations. Conversations that a Canadian like me would actually have if I went to buy groceries in town. This is one of the hardest things to find for beginners.

Now, imagine if you could understand these basic conversations, and also participate in them. You could survive in the USA or Canada. You do not need to look stupid trying to have a conversation with Google Translate.

The end goal of learning basic English is survival. Rocket English will help you survive in North America by teaching you how to answer and ask basic questions.

Does Rocket English sound interesting?

I’ve been using it personally to learn Russian. Here are a few of the things I like most about it.

Real, Useful Conversations to Learn

The thing that I like most about it is that the conversations are between 2 real Americans. If you are Latino, you are even luckier because the conversations are explained by a native Spanish speaker… in Spanish! There is nothing you won’t understand.

The course can be done on your computer, or through the downloadable app. As well, the conversations can be downloaded so that you can listen to them and practice, even when you don’t have internet.

Voice Recognition

Another great feature is that the exercises in the lessons have voice recognition. What does this mean? It means you can practice your pronunciation, without anybody’s help. It isn’t perfect, but it does a great job of correcting me when my Russian pronunciation is horrible.

One of the best exercises that you will find most beneficial are the voice recognition conversation exercises. These exercises force you to have an English conversation with Rocket Languages. It’s a good way of preparing yourself to react to real conversations.

Culture Lessons (Only For Rocket Inglés + Rocket Chinese)

There are culture lessons as well. While these are not as important as the conversations and learning the vocabulary, the culture lessons are a nice benefit that should help you understand North American culture more. Very useful if you have never been to North America, and want to prepare yourself.

It Feels Like a Fun Game

Lastly, the Rocket Languages English course holds you accountable for your learning by gamifying its course. Every audio you play, every exercise you do, every quiz you take, you receive points. As well, after working on your English, you get another day added to your learning streak. I have found that this keeps me motivated to keep learning. Motivation is important when you are learning by yourself.


There are a bunch of other small things that Rocket Languages does to make self-learning fun and easy that you can discover for yourself. You can try a free trial of their English course by clicking on my affiliate link here

It is not a free audio course, but it is a lot cheaper than paying thousands of dollars for private classes and lessons.

Compared to most other audio courses, this is the one for the best price. Rosetta Stone…$140. Pimsleur…$400. Living Language…$150. Rocket Languages…$89.

Thousands of dollars VERSUS $89 USD, which do you prefer to pay?

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