Who I Am

Born in 1990 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, nobody would have guessed that my destiny would be to help Latinos learn English. While other parts of Gringolandia such as California, Texas, and Florida are filled with latinos from every part of Latin America, Alberta has very few. It’s the last place you would expect to find a future English teacher who specializes in teaching Latinos. The world works in mysterious ways and fate would draw me towards Latin America.

By the time I was 18 years old, I had been to Venezuela, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. All 3 trips were for touristic, get a tan purposes, and I never had a “real” interaction with real latinos until I went to University. It was at the University of British Columbia where I met my first Latino, a quirky, bisexual Mexican theater student. We would become fast friends and in our first year living in the dormitories he would teach me about the history of México, as well as introduce me to the world renowned Mexican cuisine. He would also introduce me to my future Mexican girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend).

This tiny, curvy Mexican girl was a design student who I met during salsa classes. Long story short, we dated for 3 years and she would take me further down the rabbit hole which is Latin American culture. There are a lot more details I could write, but that is good for now.

Because of my friend and ex-girlfriend I became enamoured with not just Mexican culture, but with the entire Latin American region. I began taking Spanish language courses to learn to speak. On top of that I took countless Latin American politics, and Latin American culture courses to learn more about your region.

When I broke up with my ex-girlfriend though, I was distraught. I really didn’t know if I wanted to keep learning Spanish. Something pushed me onwards and I learned quicker than ever. Online, in taquerías, at the University, with my new Mexican roommate, I would practice every chance I got.

At the same time, I was also working very hard as a bartender, busser, and waiter to save money for my first solo trip to Latin America. My destinations were going to be México and Colombia. The plan was to live off my savings while I lived in México, and then get my CELTA certification in Bogotá. My plan was foolproof, and I followed it through except for the relaxing part. It’s impossible for me to relax, so while in Guadalajara, I began work early as an English teacher in a private English institute.

For 4 months I taught tapatios. It was an eye-opening experience and better prepared me for my 1 month long CELTA course in Bogotá.

After leaving México, traveling though Central America, and arriving in Colombia, I took my CELTA course to become a professional English as a Second Language teacher. I immediately got a job as an English professor at a private University in Cartagena. There I would teach for 1 year, from August 2015-June 2016.

What happened after?

I returned home to Canada a new man. Latin America has still been on my mind, and I have still been teaching English. You won’t find me at a school though, I do everything online. Online is amazing for Latinos learning English for many reasons. There are so many resources you can use to learn English compared to the pre-internet era. As well, teachers such as myself are better able to connect to the greatest amount of Latino students possible. This was not possible in the past.

My name is Profe Kyle, welcome to English for Latinos.

What I Do

Quite simple, I make videos. You can find my works on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. My goal with these videos is to inspire Latino youth to learn English. For a lot of Latinos, they are uninspired to learn English because they have never met a gringo they could connect to.

I’ve heard things like, “they’re boring”, “they’re meek”, “they can’t dance”, “they’re cold”. All of these are valid points, and more or less true. My goal is to show that there is at least one gringo who is not like this, and wants them to learn English not because they have to, but because they want to.

Over time, you will see more and more courses get put up on this site. They’re designed to provide you with the most in depth material you can find on the subjects. As well, they will be taught in a way that connects your culture to my culture. By doing this, learning English will be fun, instead of boring.

These courses will be continuously updated based on your feedback, so please do comment as much as possible.

As for private classes, they are available, but I am not a huge fan of them. Language is something very social, so I find it is best when students learn in groups from each other. One on one conversations are common int he real world, but they are taxing on both parties, and you never get multiple perspectives.

For example, if I tell you that you need to say this English phrase in this way always, and then you go to Texas, and they’ve never heard of that phrase, you lose trust in me. As well, you will have looked silly.

By learning in a group setting like here in the comments section or forum, or on my social media channels, you get many perspectives. This enriches your learning experience.

Private classes are valuable for when you are stuck on a concept, and you cannot figure it out. In this case, go ahead and send me a message requesting a private class. Private classes at this time cost $16/hr and can be paid via PayPal.

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